Defeating Your Greatest Opponent - Motivational Video

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    Inspirational Video - Defeating Your Greatest Opponent.

    This Video is about finding the strength to be extraordinary when it is most difficult.

    It discusses identifying your dreams, defining yourself as someone who never quits, and achieving everything you want out of life.

    Content by Eddie Pinero @YourWorldWithin
    Music by Puddle of Infinity

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    How do successful individuals get where they are?

    People often look at those who have achieved at a high level as some unique breed
    Some kind of rare talent to be marveled over
    In reality, nothing about their success is pre determined
    They tirelessly fought for what they have

    Being great in any capacity starts very small and then gradually evolves
    it is derived from the vision you have of yourself.

    Having a goal and believing intrinsically, with all of your being that you can get it and deserve it.

    This is what lights the fire to success.

    It constitutes your beginning

    As you proceed toward these aspirations, you’ll find that the biggest challenge you’ll face will have nothing to do with the people around you

    Your struggle will not come from another team, the person you are racing against, or the students competing against you

    Your biggest obstacle will be yourself
    You are the reason you succeed and the reason you fail.

    It is your individual outlook that determines everything

    You decide whether to be positive or negative, optimistic or doubtful..

    You decide whether to be average or exceptional

    It’s all in your hands, because no one will ever make anything of value happen for you..ever

    You need to be the one to believe in yourself when no one else does
    There will be times when it feels impossible to do this….when it would be so much easier to conform to the expectations of others …but having this courage…this strength is what separates good from great

    The ability to hold yourself to a higher standard…regardless of outside circumstances

    you need to know that no matter what stands in the way of your dreams, it can be overcome…even when the world tells you that it cant

    Just convince the person staring back at you in the mirror.

    Everything else is minor detail.

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