This gamer who has become a billionaire is called Jonathan Dubamel

So being really rich and having a lot of money is the wish of some people in this world. Therefore, with this money we can buy what we want. Also, if we have a nominal amount of money. Generally, people who have this great wealth are called millionaires, billionaires.

These billionaires generally come from various ranks of entrepreneurs. It is really difficult to become a millionaire. But that, with the game there are also things that are really opportunities. .

This player is for the first billionaire his name is Bobby Baldwin.

This person’s wealth is predicted to be up to Rs 218 billion. That figure that really exists is phenomenal, right? So from one of the legends that are in this game world. Because there are often several winning gambling venues that fall short of the world class. As of the world series of poker matches, visit wilayahpoker.

It is estimated that part of your wealth will increase. That’s because he has always won this gaming competition. He works from as high as one in the company. But that, there are also salaries in the company, there are also absolute losses compared to wagering income.

The second man named Jonathan Dubamel

This player who has become a billionaire is called Jonathan Dubamel. This man from Canada is also predicted to have a wealth of 463 billion playing this game. He also has a very high gambling ability. Although there was this, he also lost playing.

His wealth also increases from year to year. That is the cause of playing the game. Your life does not mean being full of luck. The reason is that he was also the victim of a crime. Where the house is, it is also destroyed by a criminal. Losses are also forecast to be up to $ 10 billion.

This player who is a millionaire is called Ray Bitar. Not only is there a great gambler, Ray Bitar is a businessman found in the gambling section of online casinos. From that effort, it was also predicted that 589 billion rupees would have been pocketed.

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