John Juanda with a winnings of $ 13,218,309

But he has a very good record with achieving all his dreams. Daniel Pun moved to Las Vegas where the whole world knows, this is the biggest gambling place. This man has held 5 times World champion and had a winning streak of 35 times worldwide. very amazing.

Erik Seidel with a win of $ 17,668,941 This one poker gambler has a hometown of New York. Initially he was a gaming man who had been in the game for eight years. But in 1988, he tried his luck by participating in the world poker tournament, and as a result he could be runner up in that tournament. He has also bagged first title 23 times, and he resides in Vegas now and this man admitted that he is a true gambler with all he has done and got now visit dewapoker.

Phil Lvey with a win of $ 14,791,952 Phil Started his first poker tournament to be held in Atlantic City. And it was a very big fortune for him. What’s more amazing is this man is still 23 years old and has a lot of winning money. victory is enough to judge that this person is quite intelligent.

Andy Beal is a man of little merit to Phil. That is because the math expert proposes and provides a way for this poker champion to enter a poker tournament which ultimately leads him to become famous and has a lot of money.23 total wins have led him to live in peace, and of course later will continue to try to add more.

John Juanda with a win of $ 13,218,309 From Indonesia it seems that there is also a single person who is old enough to have become a world poker champion. At the age of 42 years this man made a lot of profit. He is a Bible seller from around. Even though he is gambling is a contradiction of religion in Indonesia, but that does not make him think to look there. Currently John has won 3 times the world poker title and also had participated in 5 of the finals of the World Tour Poker game.